Natopia Heart Tree   Every experience, discovery or retreat you book helps us to support a natural planet cause!

Why Use Natopia

We search extensively throughout Brazil and the world for unique and inspirational natural planet experiences. Our experiences are focused on your passions, curated by our specialists and led by experts. Our mission is to leave you with unforgettable memories.
We carefully scrutinize all experiences and select only the most unique, the highest quality and those that are authentically natural. Our experience providers must meet the highest quality standards whilst having a commitment to protecting the environment and delivering their services sustainably
From unique part day or full day adventures, wellbeing experiences in the city you live or are visiting, through to multi day tours and boutique accommodation in unique natural locations we offer a diverse range of natural planet experiences to meet your specific needs.
We are committed to delivering you with an unrivalled personalized service and when you book a retreat you will be assigned a complimentary and dedicated concierge to assist you with all of the details of your stay and ensure you have a perfect experience.  
We have negotiated competitive rates with all our experience providers and the top boutique accommodations we offer, which we then pass on to you. You can be assured you are getting the best rates for our experiences and often our rates will include little extras and benefits at no additional cost.
We understand that no one person is alike and everyone has their own vision of the perfect experience and so offer you an opportunity to design your own ultimate natural planet experience. Just share your vision and we will do the rest.

As part of our commitment to helping you get started on a healthier and more natural lifestyle we have sought out the latest fitness concepts, the best yoga and pilates studios, spas, spa resorts and health retreats across Brazil.

All our experiences are designed to help you connect with nature in a memorable way and give you the inspiration to make a positive impact on our Planet. Each experience will see you directly supporting the Natural Planet NGO's, charities and projects we support. We make it easy and fun to make a difference.
With a dedicated multinational and bilingual team based in Brazil we can offer you the local knowledge and unparalleled support for ensuring you have the best experience possible in Brazil. Having travelled extensively our team can provide you with suggestions and advice based on first-hand knowledge of destinations.