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Using Your Voucher

How do I use my experience voucher?

Your experience voucher provides you with your booking code, details about the experience you have booked, the name of the experience provider and their contact details as well as the Booking Conditions for the experience.  On the day of the experience you will need to come to the experience with your experience voucher and a valid photo ID.

Will I receive additional information about the experience I have booked?

The experience provider has been supplied with you contact details and booking details and if additional information about your experience needs to be provided to you they will contact you directly.

How do I contact the experience provider?

If you have any questions or need additional information about your experience you should enter into contact with the experience provider directly using the contact details supplied with your confirmation email and experience voucher.  If you have any problems contacting the experience provider contact our Customer Service team and we will enter into contact with the experience provider on your behalf. 

Can my friends or family join me?

Many activities are suitable for spectators others are not. This information is specified on the experience detail page with all experiences.  If you have friends, family or colleagues who would like to take part in the experience you have booked enter into contact with our Customer Service team and we will handle the arrangements for you. 

Can I give my experience to someone else?

Once a booking has been made you will need to contact the experience provider and advise them that you would like to send someone else in your place.

What do I need to bring with me to my experience?

You will need to bring a copy of your experience voucher and a valid photo ID for the person named on the experience voucher.

Please check experience details page for more information about what’s required or recommended to bring for your experience.

Where can I find the address for the experience?

The experience provider will have your contact details and upon confirmation will contact you to supply you with directions for the experience, the meeting place or pick-up point if different from their contact details.  If you do not receive contact from the experience provider  you can use the contact details as specified in the confirmation email or on theexperience voucher to contact them.

I’ve booked the wrong date.  What can I do?

If you would like to change the date that you have booked for your experience then you will need to contact the experience provider directly.  Please note that once you have booked your experience and received a booking confirmation, you are bound by the Booking Conditions of the experience provider in question and their cancellation policy.  The Booking Conditions can be found in your confirmation email and on the experience voucher. 

What happens if there is bad weather on the day of my experience?

Some activities are weather dependent and may be postponed in adverse conditions. Your experience voucher and booking confirmation email specifies the name and contact details for the experience provider and we recommend for weather dependent experiences that you make contact on the day of your experience to ensure the experience is going ahead. If your activity is postponed due to bad weather conditions, the experience provider will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient alternative date for the Experience.

I lost the email with my experience voucher. How do I reprint it?

If you no longer have the email with your voucher, you can find a copy of your experience voucher in the booking history page of your ‘My Account’ and print the voucher from here.  If you are experiencing any difficulties in printing your voucher please contact us.

Can I exchange my experience voucher?

If you've purchased an Experience Voucher or received an Experience Voucher that doesn’t interest you, you may be able to exchange this for website credits to use towards purchasing an alternative experience.

  • Conditions of exchange:
  • Exchanges are only permitted for valid vouchers that have not been activated, i.e. where an experience date has not yet been booked.
  • Vouchers may only be exchanged once
  • If you exchange your voucher, it will be exchanged for Natopia credits to the same value as the original voucher. This credit will expire on the same date as your original voucher.
  • You are only able to exchange your voucher for an experience of higher value, and you will be required to pay the difference.

I don’t want to do the experience I have booked.  What should I do?

Once you have confirmed your booking with the Experience Provider your experience voucher is no longer exchangeable or refundable and you are subject to the Experience Providers cancellation policies.  If you no longer wish to do the experience you have booked then you should enter into contact directly with the experience provider and cancel your booking.  However in cancelling your booking you will be subject to the cancellation policy of the experience provider which could include a cancellation charge.  

How long is my Experience/Gift Voucher Valid for?

Both Experience/Gift Vouchers are valid for 6 (six) months from the date of purchase and must be used (date booked and experience taken) within this period.  Failure use the voucher within the validity period will result in expiration of the voucher and loss of the entire value of your voucher.  Expired vouchers are no longer valid and are non-refundable in whole or in part.  In case of no show on the date and in the place booked with the Experience Provider for an experience, the voucher automatically expires and will not be refunded and cannot be reactivated.

Can I extend the validity of my Experience Voucher?

If an extension is requested within the validity period of the voucher Natopia may at its discretion grant a 30 day extension period following the expiry date.  This extension will be granted conditional on the Experience being booked and taken within the 30 day extension period and if the cost of the experience has increased since the initial purchase you will be required to pay the difference.  Vouchers cannot be redeemed past the 30 day extension period.

What can I do if my Voucher expires?

In the event of the expiration of the voucher, you have the option of reactivation, by paying 50% of the value of the voucher. After reactivating the voucher will have its validity extended for another 6 months.

The experience provider was not at the meeting point at the stated start time for my experience. What do I do?

If you arrive for your experience at the location specified by the experience provider and you are unable to locate them, we first recommend calling them directly via the phone number provided on your experience voucher. If you are still unable to reach them, please call Natopia so that we can assist you further.