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Pure Natural Experience Badge


The NATOPIA PURE NATURAL EXPERIENCE badge is our symbol to recognize and promote our Partner’s. Our Partners are selected because they provide truly authentic and unique natural luxury experiences. Each partner awarded with the badge has been handpicked and has been found to meet and exceed NATOPIA’s exacting standards. Their experiences are transformational.

The NATOPIA PURE NATURAL EXPERIENCE badge is our seal of approval and a guarantee to our clients and others that the Partner who displays it provides luxury experiences that are truly inspirational whilst delivering them in a sustainable and planet friendly way.



To be part of our collections an experience must meet our stringent selection criteria.  It really must be the best of the best and we search across Brazil and South America to find them.  It must exhibit the following exceptional qualities: 

Boutique – size really does matter.  To create personal transformation a level of intimacy is needed that can only be offered by having an experience individually or in small groups.

High Emotion– personal change and true transformation can only be inspired by experiences that create high emotion.

An “Original” – they are the unique creations of a visionary experience designer- an “Inspirador”, someone with real passion for thought-provoking and immersive travel and lifestyle experiences.

Authentic – at their core they have the purpose to be truly extraordinary, transformational and inspirational. 

Natural – they are immersive witha deep connection with nature and natural living

Tell a story – they are collections of stories, that of the “Inspirador” who created them and the people and location who are at the heart of the experience.  They also help create new personal stories for the people who have the experience.

Positive Impact – they provide a new appreciation for our Planet whilst being delivered in a sustainable and low impact way.