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Our Collections


Natopia is a destination for sophisticated and discerning people who seek unique and memorable experiences.  People, who are independent, love to explore and look to stretch themselves beyond their personal limits.  People, who reject traditional concepts of travel and lifestyle and search the world, for authentic and immersive ways to connect with nature and local cultures, live more naturally and have transformational experiences. 

With our Collections we have endeavored to present a range of experiences to cater to these diverse needs so that each person can find something that corresponds to his or her personal vision of pure inspiration.  Our collections are designed to provide experiences that are immersive, helping People to explore amazing destinations in unique ways whilst undertaking a personal journey of discovery.  They allow People to explore and experience what Brazil and South America has to offer whilst helping them discover new things about themselves and the Planet. 

Natopia’s retreats are selected for their boutique luxury status and distinctive and authentic character.   They are extraordinary, experiences in and of themselves and must exhibit exceptional qualities.  The criteria for selection lies in the exceptional nature of the location and its connection with nature, its unique architecture and design, its innovative concept and originality, inspiring history, commitment to the environment and the excellence of their service.  They must simply be the best.

More than just a collection of tours, Natopia Discovery is a collection of thought-provoking stories.  Each tour reflects the ideas of a visionary Experience Designer, an "Inspirador," someone with a passion for transformational journeys, authenticity andtelling a story.  Our tours are selected for the following distinguishing factors - the originality in its concept, the uniqueness of the destination, the integration with nature and local cultures, the excellence of the logistical support  provided and their low impact on the local environment.

Natopia experiences are personal journeys of inspiration that enrich a person’s life, help them live more naturally and improve the connection they have with themselves and the Planet.  They can be in the form of physical exertion, adventure, a spiritual connection, mental relaxation, learning something new, pushing personal limits or simply an appreciation of natural beauty.  They are transformational and inspire personal changes that benefit the person and in turn provide the motivation to have a positive impact on the Planet.