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Getting Started

What is Natopia?

Natopia is a lifestyle website for discovering unique natural experiences that will provide you with unforgettable and inspiring memories.  With us, you can discover unique natural activities, wellbeing, adventures, expeditions, getaways and holidays from the best providers of the most memorable experiences in Brazil and soon around the world.  We are committed to giving you the inspiration to get out and discover our planet, have authentic natural experiences and live life more naturally.

Do I need to have an account in order to book experiences?

You need an account in order to book with Natopia. When you submit a booking request you will be requested to create an account or log in using an existing account or if you have registered with Planet Natopia you can use your account details from here.  You can easily create your Natopia account by specifying an email address or password or use your facebook account details.  !

Is Natopia available in other languages?

The Natopia website is available in English, Portuguese and shortly Spanish. To change the language in which you view the site, please select the flag representing your desired language.

Do you offer experiences in my location or travel destination?

We offer over a wide range of experiences across Brazil and shortly internationally and chances are we have an experience for you.  To see the experiences we offer in different destinations click here.  If you cannot find an experience contact our Customer Service team and we will search for an experience for you.

What types of experiences are offered on Natopia?

Natopia offers a diverse range of experiences that help you connect with nature in unique and unforgettable ways.  Our website is divided into 3 areas:  Experiences, Discovery and Retreats.  Experiences are part day or full day activities in the city you live or close to the city you live or are travelling to.  Discovery is where you will find unique multi-day trips and tours that can be experienced around Brazil.  Retreats are where you will find boutique guesthouses or hotels in unique natural locations across Brazil.  The category navigation bar at the top of the Natopia website in each of the 3 areas of our website is your starting point for exploring the full list of experiences we offer.   

How do I choose an experience?

Experiences can be searched by keyword via the search box or you can also browse via category using the navigation tabs at the top of the page.  You are also able to browse by destinations or by searching experiences by type such as gifts, promotions, get started or groups in the top navigation.

Where do your experiences take place?

Our experiences take place all across Brazil and we will shortlyoffer experiences internationally. Every experience featured on our website specifies a location where it takes place. If you are unable to find an experience in a specific location, please contact our Customer Service team and we will search for an appropriate experience for you.

I can’t find an experience that I like.  Can you can find other experiences or customize an Experience to meet my needs?

We offer a wide range of experiences both in Brazil and shortlyinternationally.  However if you cannot find an experience or would like an experience customized to meet your specific needs please contact our Customer Service team and we will use our connections and knowledge to search for an appropriate experience or customize an experience for you.

What is the availability of your experiences?

The majority of our experiences take place year-round while others are seasonal. Every experience featured on our website is accompanied by information concerning its availability.

How do I check availability for my experience?

On the experience details page of each experience you are able to enter into contact with our Customer Service team to check availability.  Simply click on the link ‘Check Availability’ and enter the preferred dates for your experience and we will confirm availability with the experience provider and return in contact with you to confirm availability for the dates specified or suggest alternative dates. 

Are your experience providers qualified and safe?

We only choose experience providers who operate to the highest standards and have exemplary customer service records and where necessary have appropriate industry accreditations and insurance. 

What are reviews?

Reviews are feedback left by customers who have had an experience in the past.  After your experience, we will email you requesting that you leave your review of the experience you booked to help other customers make informed decisions about the experience.

How do I see the reviews for an experience?

Reviews for an experience can be found on the experience details page by clicking on the tab ‘Reviews’ on the experience detail page. .

How can I review an experience?

After your experience, you will receive an email with an invitation to share your feedback about the experience. Alternatively you can go to the experience detail page for the experience and click on ‘Add Review’.

Can I use Natopia’s experiences as incentives or prizes?

Yes, our experiences make highly effective tools to motivate and reward your customers, clients and employees. If you would like to discuss this with a member of our team, please email:

I would like to run a promotion with Natopia. Who do I contact?

Our experiences make fantastic prizes for competitions and promotions. Please contact our team at

What is EcoPrint?

The EcoPrint symbol is used to recognize Experience Providers who are having a positive impact on our Planet.  They providetheir services in an eco-friendly and sustainable way and are leaving a green footprint.

What is Planet Natopia?

Planet Natopia is our community website.  Here we connect the people, companies and organizations who love our planet and give them the tools to share photos, support Natural Planet causes and commit to do Acts of Green.