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Corporate Experiences


In today's competitive business environment, it is more important than ever to keep your employees motivated and your customers engaged. With individuals increasingly putting more value in having new life experiences a Corporate experience program provides Companies with the unique means to reward and incentivize their staff as well as strengthen customer relationships.

At Natopia we are committed to creating corporate experience programs that will inspire and motivate. Our team of experience specialists will take your vision and develop a tailored program from start to finish which will reflect your goals and values. No request is too big or small and we will design an experience program to suit any brief or budget.



Experience gifts make for lasting memories and have a greater impact than traditional gifts. Whether you are looking for employee gifts, client gifts, executive gifts or retirement gifts we have you covered. We offer a complete range of unique and inspirational experiences that are ideally suited for any budget, taste or occasion. We can even give you Experience vouchers so you can leave it to the recipient to decide the perfect lifestyle experience for them.


We create unique and inspirational experience programs to help companies increase profits, improve service, enhance staff morale, retain staff and reward performance. Whether you are looking for an incentive or rewards program we will find the perfect creative experience solutions to match your objectives and help you inspire, motivate and reward. From travel, action packed adventures through to personal indulgence we have it all covered. 


Looking for something innovative to support a marketing campaign, a product launch or event? Inspiring, exciting and unique experience prizes are a powerful tool. We will present you a range of prizes that suit your budget, requirements and specific theme with the goal that they will have maximum impact. It’s also possible to provide winners with Experience vouchers so they can select their own dream lifestyle experiences.


We understand the value of entertaining clients and the integral role it plays in developing relationships and generating leads and sales. Let us help you create a client entertainment program that matches your objectives and vision. With access to unique natural locations and inspiring experiences we can create a program that goes well beyond the ordinary and will leave your clients with an impression that counts. 


Change the way you think about your business meetings and events. Imagine using an amazing location in a perfect natural setting supported by a range of inspirational activities. Let us create an itinerary that meets your needs your company objectives and theme. Whether it is a focus on action packed or on unwinding and indulging we will guarantee your participants will be inspired from the moment they arrive, ensuring full engagement and input. 



Team Building empowers employees by getting them away from the workplace and gives them an opportunity to have fun together and get to know each other in a fun new environment. Our Experience Specialists will combine unique natural locations with inspiring activities based on your goals to help your team strengthen their relationships and become a closer fitting unit. From adventure days, learning to sail, boat trips and much more we have a range of experience options which will leave your team invigorated and unified.



Vacation and travel incentives are one of the most powerful methods of attracting business, retaining profitable clients, enhancing product awareness, and improving employee productivity, motivation and loyalty. Whether you are rewarding a small or large group of deserving customers or employees we help you to create the perfect travel incentive program whether in Brazil or some other exotic location around the globe. Our programs are designed to provide truly 'once in a lifetime' experiences for your attendees.


Today’s high pressure business environment sees our employees under increasing stress and pressure to perform. Our Wellbeing Programs are designed to help your team de-stress and unwind. From Wellbeing vouchers, spa days through to onsite massage or yoga we can develop the best Wellbeing solution for you. Get ready to watch your employee productivity and morale grow.


In today’s society it is important that businesses are seen to be giving back and doing their part to assist the community or environment. We have relationships with many ONG’s, Charities and Projects and can help you develop programs that will align with your values and help you achieve your social objectives and have the greatest impact. From organizing experiences that directly benefit a cause, visits to Projects through to staff voluntarism we have something for you. You can also be secure in the knowledge that we commit to allocate a portion of our revenue to the causes we support.