Natopia Heart Tree   Every experience, discovery or retreat you book helps us to support a natural planet cause!

CEO Message

Dear Natopians!

Welcome to Natopia, your future destination for finding one-of-a-kind transformational lifestyle and travel experiences across South America.  Here you will find the inspiration to experience life more fully, lead a more natural lifestyle and make a difference to our Planet. 

As a New Zealander adventure, natural living, a connection with the environment and a desire to see the world is part of my DNA.  My personal journey saw me leave New Zealand in my early 20’s to travel the world and over 20 years later I have yet to finish this journey.  I have now lived in 6 different countries and travelled to close to 20, and along the way had countless adventures and experiences.  I now find myself living in Brazil and my thirst for adventure, travel and experiences has yet to be quenched. 

“Life is to be lived and a life lived fully is filled with unique, extraordinary and meaningful experiences.  Our mission is to help people find the experiences that will help them live their lives more fully.”

Natopia was born from a desire to share my passion for discovering new places, living naturally and having extraordinary natural experiences.  Natopia is intended to be much more than just an online travel and lifestyle company, we are evangelists for a new concept of modern luxury living and travel based on one-of-a-kind transformational experiences.  We hope to inspire people to discover new places, live more naturally and have extraordinary natural experiences and in the process motivate them to have a positive impact on the Planet.  We are building something meaningful that will make a difference in people’s lives, the community and the planet.

Our team has travelled across South America and in particular Brazil to search for amazing and unique transformational natural experiences and the highest quality boutique accommodations to provide you with unforgettable and inspiring memories. We are also establishing relationships with NGO’s and conservation organizations to make it easier for you to connect and contribute to the causes and projects that are helping make a difference to our Planet and the communities in it. 

We hope Natopia is your starting point for truly Experiencing Life, the place where you can find your inspiration to discover, experience, live naturally and make a difference.

I look forward to hearing your feedback about our site and the experiences you have with us. We hope to be the source of your Natural Planet inspiration in the coming years!

Warmest Regards,

Damian Geleyns
Chief Experience Officer

Live Life - Discover, Experience,  Live Naturally, Make a Difference