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Booking your Experience

How do I book an experience?

First, visit the page of the experience you would like to book and click the red ‘Book Now’ button.  You will then be taken to the Booking Cart where you will be required to provide your credit card details to purchase your experience.  You will receive a confirmation email and experience voucher via email.

You will then be required to contact the Experience Provider and confirm a date with them when you would like to have the Experience.  Please print your voucher and on the day confirmed bring it, along with a valid photo ID for the person named on the voucher to the location specified by the experience provider as the meeting point for this experience. 

How do I book a Discovery or Retreat?

First, visit the page of the experience you would like to book and click on the red ‘Book Now’ or ‘Check Availability’ button.  Please select the preferred dates for when you would like to have the experience and any special requirements you may have.  Your request will be sent directly to the Experience Provider who will confirm availability and provide a quotation. 

You will have a few days (normally 5) to confirm the quotation and secure your booking by paying a deposit and providing your credit card, or to decline. Or you can modify your request.  Once confirmed, you will be emailed a booking confirmation and experience voucher which you will need to print and present along with a valid photo ID at the time of checking in for your experience.  

Do I have to select a booking date at the time of booking?

For experiences you are able to purchase an experience and receive an experience voucher valid for 6 months that can be booked at a date and time to suit you subject to availability from the experience provider.

For discovery and retreats you will be requested to supply your preferred dates at the time of making your booking request.  To confirm your booking you must agree to the dates and quotation supplied by the Experience Provider.

How do I select a date for my experience?

Many of our experiences take place year round but some are seasonal and you should take note of this before making a booking request.  We recommend that you book at least 15 days in advance of the date you intend to have the experience and 30-60 days in advance for Discovery and Retreat experiences to avoid disappointment.  

You should also allow more time if you would like to request a booking during peak times (such as weekends or holidays).

If you need to book an experience under short notice contact our Customer Service team and we will check availability for you.

Are there restrictions I need to consider before booking an experience?

Certain experiences are subject to minimum age, weight, height, health or other restrictions.  These restrictions are outlined in the ‘More Details’ section accompanying each experience.  It is your responsibility to understand any such restrictions prior to confirming your booking. If you are later forced to cancel due to not complying with one of the restrictions, you may be liable to cancellation charges by the experience provider.

I’m having trouble making a booking what should I do?

If you are having trouble making a booking, please contact us by phone 55 11 2361 6388 or email  If you would like us to make the booking on your behalf you will need to contact us by phone. 

How do I change information about my reservation after I make a booking?

If you need to make any changes to your booking you should contact the experience provider directly and advise them of these changes.  Please note that if you make any changes to date or time you will be subject to the experience provider’s cancellation policy and also their availability on your new dates and time. 

How do I receive my Experience Voucher?

Your experience voucher is emailed to the email address specified by you at the time you purchased an experience from the Experience area of the website.  With Discovery and Retreats your voucher will be sent with a booking confirmation email once your deposit has been paid and your credit card details supplied to the Experience Provider.

What is included with my experience voucher?

Your experience voucher has all information relating to your chosen experience, including information on the experience, the booking reference number, the confirmed date and the contact details of the experience provider.

Can I book an experience for someone else?

Our experiences can be booked as a gift for someone else.  Simply select ‘Buy as a Gift’ and enter the details of the person who is to receive the Gift Voucher.  Alternatively after your booking is confirmed you can contact the experience provider and specify the details of the person who will be having the experience instead of you.

Can I book an experience as a gift?

Experiences make perfect gifts and during the booking process you can select ‘Buy as a Gift’ to purchase the experience you have selected as a gift.  Once your payment is confirmed you will receive a confirmation email with the gift voucher to give to the gift recipient or alternatively the gift voucher will be emailed directly the recipient.

How does my recipient receive their gift voucher?

During the booking process for your gift you can select for the gift recipient to automatically be emailed their gift voucher as a PDF or you can select that the gift voucher be sent to you and you will then be able to send the gift voucher to the recipient at a time of your choosing. 

What happens if my gift recipient wants to choose another experience?

Our gift vouchers are not exchangeable.  They are only valid for the experience that you have booked and had a gift voucher issued.

How do I ask a question about an experience before making a booking?

We do not provide contact information for experience providers before you book their experiences.  If you have an experience-specific question not covered by the experience detail page please contact us and we will either answer your questions or enter into contact with the experience provider to source answers to your questions.  If you are looking to have a customized experience please contact us by email or phone and tell us you requirements so that we can design the best experience for you.

After I book, how do I contact the experience provider for my experience?

The contact details of the experience provider are provided in the booking confirmation email and the experience voucher you are sent as well as in the booking history page of your Natopia account.  You can use these details to contact the experience provider directly.  If you are experiencing difficulty in contacting the experience provider please contact us. 

How do I know my booking is confirmed?

 For experiences as soon as the experience provider has confirmed your booking request they will send you a confirmation email with all your booking information.

For Discovery and Retreats you will receive a confirmation email with all your booking information and the experience voucher once your deposit has been paid and your credit card details received by the Experience Provider.

I have not received a confirmation email and voucher for my Discovery or Retreat booking.  What do I do?

If you have not received a confirmation for your Discovery or Retreat after paying your deposit and submitting your credit card to the Experience Provicer, carefully check the inbox and the spam/junk folders for the email address you provided when making your booking.  If you still are not able to see a confirmation email please contact us so that we can send you your confirmation email and Experience Voucher.

Do I need to reconfirm my booking before arrival?

Once you have received confirmation for your booking and your experience voucher it is not normally necessary to reconfirm your booking prior to having your experience.  However for experiences dependent on weather conditions we do recommend that you contact the experience provider in the days leading up to your experience or on the day of your experience to reconfirm your booking.

How can I view my booking details?

Your booking details are contained in the confirmation email you receive after your booking is confirmed with the Experience Provider.   Further, during the booking process you have created your Natopia account where you are able to view and manage past and future bookings as part of your Booking History.

How do I change my booking?   

Changes to your booking (different date, different participant, different number of people, etc.) can only be changed by contacting the experience provider directly.