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About Us

Who We Are?

Natopia isn't just a travel and lifestyle company, we are evangelists for a new concept of modern luxury living and travel based on one-of-a-kind transformational experiences. We believe that discovering new places, living more naturally and having extraordinary natural experiences brings about new perspectives and feelings that have the capacity to truly change people personally whilst providing the motivation to have a positive impact on the Planet.

Our mission is to be the catalyst for this change. To this end we search both Brazil and the rest of South America for authentic and immersive lifestyle and travel experiences and the visionary experience designers – "Inspiradors", who create them. We then connect them with sophisticated, discerning and adventurous people who are looking for something more than the traditional concepts of travel and lifestyle. The result we are sure will be transformational.

Live Life, Have Pure Natural Experiences

Start your Natural Planet Journey with us!


Pure Natural Travel

Be inspired to start discovering our Planet. We offer immersive travel experiences to inspiring natural destinations around Brazil and the rest of South America. From Wildlife Safaris in the Brazilian Pantanal, river cruises in the Amazon, sailing trips around the Galapagos Islands, trekking in Patagonia and the Sacred Valley, horse riding in Argentina, through to overland journeys in the Chilean Atacama and Bolivian salt fields we have a unique pure natural travel experience for you. Get ready to start your next natural planet journey with us.



Natural Planet Adventures

Find the inspiration to have natural planet experiences. We help you experience river rafting, canyoning, rock climbing and other adventure sports in unique locations around Brazil and South America. We help you to learn new water sports such as kite surfing, wind surfing and sailing and explore remote natural destinations through 4x4, sea kayaking and hiking tours. Let us be your guides for your next adventure.



Natural Planet Retreats

Be prepared to connect with nature in a memorable way. We have curated a collection of extraordinary, boutique hotels, guesthouses, resorts and villas selected because of the exceptional nature of their location and their connection with nature. Our retreats are all experiences in and of themselves and have a distinctive and authentic character, with innovative concepts and built with sustainability in mind. Let us help make your next holiday stay be an experience you will always remember.


Live Naturally

Pure Natural Lifestyle

Learn how to live more naturally. At Natopia we believe by living a more natural and healthier lifestyle we will not only have a positive impact on our lives but also our Planet. We help you find the best Spas, Fitness Gyms, Yoga and Pilates studios, the top Spa & Health Resorts, amazing Yoga Retreats and other wellbeing experiences in major cities and natural locations around Brazil and South America. Get ready to start your healthier natural life with us.


Make a Difference

Be Inspired and Love our Planet

All our experiences are designed to help you connect with nature in a memorable way that will give you the inspiration to make a positive impact on our Planet. By booking our experiences you will also be supporting the sustainability and conservation projects undertaken by our experience providers whilst contributing to our efforts to promote the Natural Planet NGO's, charities and projects we support.


Our Community

In joining Natopia you have also become part of the Planet Natopia Community, a global network of people, companies and organizations we call Natopians who are connected by love for our planet. Here you will be able to connect with others with your interests, share your photos, show your support for Natural Planet causes and commit to do Acts of Green.

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Live Life, Have Pure Natural Experiences!