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São Paulo

Considered the economic capital of South America, this vibrant metropolis is a mix of cultures, tastes and people from all parts of the world. The biggest city in Latin America it is not only an important center of nightlife, shopping and gastronomy but also offers great options for social, ecological tourism, charming parks and gyms. Sao Paulo is known for its skyscrapers, gastronomy and robust culture scene. Although Sao Paulo is known for its concrete jungle, it is also home to a large number of public parks and even portions of the Atlantic rainforest with a lot of activities all day long.

About São Paulo

São Paulo is the main economic center of Brazil and Latin America, but it’s a mistake to think that Sao Paulo is just a grey city. From north to south, there are several options for those who enjoy the outdoors life with a bit of fresh air, greenery, birds and trails.

Considered the 'green lung' of the city, Ibirapuera Park is the most visited among those looking for greener options in the capital. The park has 15 700 m² that is occupied by three artificial lakes, exercise gear, lakes, gardening schools, herbarium, as well as bike paths and hiking trails that are always well visited by locals or those who like to take a Saturday or Sunday to relax in the nature

One of the largest areas of native forest within a megacity, Serra da Cantareira is located in the north of Sao Paulo and offers a choice of trails, animal watching, lakes and amazing views of the city from one of the many lookout points. Considered one of the last green havens of São Paulo, the park is the perfect place to find peace and quiet amid the city noise andfeatures 4 cores open to visitation: Engordador, Pedra Grande, Águas Claras and Cabuçu.

At the other side of the city is the Carmo Park, where one can see more than six thousand trees between cherry trees and eucalyptus trees, in a place of 200 hectares that housed a farm in the 19th century. Carmo Park has one of the most diverse faunas of capital, with about 130 species cataloged animals like herons, armadillos, deer and hawks.

The capital also offers several places to exercise, riding a bike, do yoga, running or walking. There are lots of gyms and spas where visitors can stay healthy days. Yoga and Pilates are also high on the list of those who live in town and looking for a healthier lifestyle.

Natopia offers you a range of experiences to help you get the most of the natural wonders Sao Paulo has to offer. If you cannot find what you are looking for let us know and with our knowledge, connections, and access we will help you find the natural experiences that will make your trip to Sao Paulo something you will remember for a lifetime.