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Litoral de Sao Paulo

The Coast of Sao Paulo is a region squeezed between the sea and a long chain of mountains and covered by one of the largest reserves of preserved forests, which creates an amazing landscape known for its white sand beaches and abundant nature. The region’s main populous areas are Ilhabela, São Sebastião and Ubatuba which provide the gateway for exploring this region best known for water sports, hiking trails, waterfalls and surf.

About Litoral de Sao Paulo

The Coast of Sao Paulo is the destination for Paulistanos (Sao Paulo residents) looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city to connect with nature and relax near the sea. São Sebastião is the first city on the north coast and is known for its many beautiful beaches back dropped by lush vegetation and mountains. It is a place ideal for ecotourism and its 36 beaches make it a popular location for surfing and diving.

Located on the East Coast of São Sebastião is the archipelago municipality of Ilhabela where the largest island of the archipelago is also called São Sebastião. Over 90 % of Ilhabela is protected by a State Park, where you can find more than 300 waterfalls, rich rainforest, beautiful beaches, and numerous hiking trails. 

Both Ilhabela and São Sebastião offer a wide array of water and outdoor sports including scuba diving, sailing, windsurfing, kite surfing, abseiling, off road, trekking, zipline, canopy, stand up paddle, kayaking, boating.

Ubatuba also is rich in natural beauty and features over 100 beaches which are popular with young people, families and international tourists. The city is also known as "The Surf Capital of São Paulo State". Here you will find a location rich in islands, sheltered waters and quick access to the sea, which makes it good for surfing, diving and boating. The city also offers various outdoor activities including off road tours, trekking, horseback riding, zip lining, canopy tours, quad biking, mountaineering, and bird watching.

The North Coast of Sao Paulo is a perfect place to commune with nature and enjoy the sea whilst engaging in a wide range of water and outdoor activities.


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