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Interior de São Paulo

The interior of the state of São Paulo is a vast territory that offers, far from the hustle and bustle of the city of Sao Paulo, diverse, unspoiled and beautiful landscapes. Here you can find waterfalls, rain forests, caverns, rivers and waterfalls and even mountains which provide the perfect stage for a diverse range of eco tourism and adventure activities in small rural cities such as Brotas, Socorro, and Campos de Jordao.

About Interior de São Paulo

The Interior of Sao Paulo is a vast unspoiled natural landscape that offers those looking to escape the city a wide range of adventure and eco tourism options. The capital of adventure tourism in São Paulo is Brotas. Located 250 kilometres from the capital, it has a lush natural beauty with many waterfalls, springs of crystal clear water, and the Jacare-Pepira River with its rapids and tributaries.

Another city known for its adventure activities and eco tourism is the City of Socorro. Located near the Serra da Mantiqueira it is only 132 kilometres from the city of Sao Paulo. Among the many adventure and natural activities, that can be enjoyed at both cities are white water rafting, tubing, canyoning, cachoeirismo, hiking, rappelling, tree climbing, cycling, zip lines, horse riding, ATV (quad bike), canopy tours, bird watching, cycling and trekking.

Campos do Jordao is another city that emerges as a major eco tourism landmark. Known as the highest city in Brazil and known as the Brazilian Switzerland it offers off road tours, zip line, climbing, trekking, horseback riding, canopy tours, quad biking, mountaineering and bird watching.

To the west of the capital you can find Tourist State Park of Alto Ribeira (PETAR) the most famous location for caving in Brazil and in the city of Boituva you can practice skydiving or ballooning.

Often overlooked by Sao Paulo residents for the beaches of the Litoral North the Interior of Sao Paulo has much to offer for those looking to engage in outdoor and adventure activities.


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