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Fernando de Noronha

Fernando de Noronha is a tropical island, 545 km away from the coast Brazil is one of the most important ecologic sanctuaries of the world and offers some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. A minimum of 5 days is needed to fully explore this island paradise and its numberless natural attractions and activities which include diving, snorkeling, boating, surfing and nature hiking.

About Fernando de Noronha

The Fernando de Noronha Archipelago is a National Marine Park composed of twenty one islands located in the state of Pernambuco. Considered a natural paradise Fernanda de Noronha has also been declared a World Natural Heritage site by UNESCO.
Fernando de Noronha is internationally known as a diving and snorkeling destination. The South Equatorial Current pushes warm water from Africa to the island, so diving to depths of 30 to 40 meters does not require a wetsuit. The visibility underwater is also exceptional and can reach up to 50 meters and there is an abundance of marine life.

Fernando de Noronha also presents visitors with a wider range of other outdoor activities including surfing, dolphin watching, trekking, kayaking and horseback riding .


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