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Although one of Latin America’s tiniest countries Ecuador is one of the world’s most diverse. With the stunning Andes Mountains running down the center of the country, the Amazon rainforest to the east, the Pacific coast region with its perfect beaches to the west and, of course, the Galápagos Islands offshore, nature lovers and adventurers alike have a wide range of options for exploring Ecuador. Only in Ecuador can you snorkel alongside sea lions; observe Incan culture while trekking the Andes hillsides, kayak Amazonian rivers, river raft the Andes rivers, scale active volcanoes, go bird watching and surf the swells of the Pacific Ocean.

About Ecuador

While the Galápagos Islands have long held the distinction of being Ecuador’s must-see destination, this small South American country has much to offer adventurers and nature lovers alike. Your Ecuadorian Odyssey should start in the capital Quito. Founded on the ruins of an ancient Incan city it provides you with a perfect jumping off site to visit the countries various attractions which due to the countries small size are rarely more than a day’s bus ride away.

Nearby attractions to Quito include to the northwest include Mindo the bird watching capital of the country, the hot springs and spas at Papallacta, and the volcanoes of Cotopaxi National Park where you can climb Cotopaxi, the world’s tallest active volcano and also scale the summit of Chimborazo. To the south lies Ingapirca, the country’s only major Inca ruins.
To the east is Ecuador’s Amazonian jungle and one of the country’s most thrilling destinations which is best explored by staying at one of the many Jungle lodges or taking a canoe ride down the Río Napo or even staying with an indigenous community.

To the west lies the Pacific coast with its beautiful beaches and perfect surf conditions with its mild year round weather attracting surfers from around the world. There's also the Machalilla National Park whose ocean region provides a breeding ground for humpback whales.

Finally, about 1000kms off the coast of Ecuador are the barren and volcanic Galápagos Islands a small archipelago consisting of 13 main islands and 6 smaller isles known for their abundance of marine and wildlife including some of the world’s rarest animals. Wildlife enthusiasts from around the world come to witness the archipelagos’ sea lion colonies, giant tortoises, penguins, marine iguanas, different bird species, reptiles and plants. Outdoor lovers come to indulge in water sports such as scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, kayaking, and sailing and explore the islands by mountain biking, hiking and horseback riding.

Our Experience Highlights for Ecuador
• Go horse riding in the Andean highlands along the Colonial Hacienda Ride
• Climb Cotopaxi, one of the highest active volcanoes in the world
• Go scuba diving in the Galápagos Islands
• Learn to surf at, Montanita
• Mountain bike down the side of the Chimborazo Volcano
• Watch humpback whales off Ecuador’s Pacific coastline in Puerto López
• Go bird watching in the cloud forests near the village of Mindo
• Visit the Inca Ruins at Ingaprica

Natopia offers you a range of experiences to help you get the most of the natural wonders Ecuador has to offer. If you cannot find what you are looking for let us know and with our knowledge, connections, and access we will help you find the natural experiences that will make your trip to Ecuador something you will remember for a lifetime.