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Clelia Angelon

Founder of Surya Brasil

Clélia Angelon is the founder of Surya Brasil, an international brand of natural cosmetics and well-being products that are totally vegan and cruelty free. Meaning they use all natural ingredients and no animal ingredients, they do not do testing on animals and they are formulated based on the principles of ancient Indian medical science, Ayurveda. Surya is a direct reflection of Clelia’s personal philosophies which sees the company using recycled water and solar panels for energy, serving breakfast and vegan meals to employees, and maintaining a small park next to the factory. Clélia is a Hindi culture lover and humanitarian who encourages employees to follow her lead and adopt animals in need.
Clellia Angelon
I love life and everything it offers, not only the joy but also the sadness and difficulties, because all of these situations are empowering.

My Inspiration: Clelia Angelon

"Living means to live intensely, although in a conscious way and always aware of societies imposed doctrines and following our inner voice, which is connected to the universe. Moreover, life is pure happiness! We are the ones who have created unhappiness.

The perfect day for me is every day, even the most complicated ones - perfect and wonderful - each and every one of them with its peculiarities. I look to keep the body, mind and spirit healthy. Activities like music and dance are part of my life, as is Yoga".




1. Yoga As a source of inspiration I reccomend Osho, Krishnamurti, Ayurveda, Mahabaratha, Ramayana e Vishwamitra.

2. Ballet A classical dance which is part of my life and routine.

3. Weight TrainingExercises which help to keep the body and mind in harmony.


Espaço Surya



I usually have my meals at Espaço Surya or in my house, in São Paulo. When I travel I always try to cook my own food.  I am a vegan and I think that generally the vegan restaurants available lack attention when it comes to nutritional concepts - they cook with refined oil and transgenic products and prepare their meals in aluminum and Teflon pots and pans and also in the microwave. Besides this, I value appearance and flavor, so I have a high level of difficulty when it comes to eating restaurant food.

1. Espaco Surya - at our spa we have a small restaurant that offers gourmet organic and vegan meals from Tuesday to Saturday




I love to travel and can recommend places such as:

1. India - I love Hindi culture and I have been to India around 42 times.

2. New York - It's a city with many outstanding hotels and interesting attractions.

3. Jalapão (Tocantins).

4. Hi malayas - Here I would recommend Ananda Spa.

Also every other destination, mountain - or sea - which does not have pollution and is not overcrowded.



ONG: The Glente Barn



I support a few NGO’s and initiatives which are in accordance with what I think that is right for society, animals and life on the planet.

1. Gentle Barn - Organization which teaches people kindness and compassion towards animals.

2. Cinesolar -Traveling cinema project that takes the seventh art to inaccessible places using solar energy.

3. Natureza em Forma - Animal adoption centre.

4. Associação Magnália Dei – Recycling center operated only by women.