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Sabrina Sato

TV Host and Entrepreneur

Sabrina is a presenter, comedian, reporter and Brazilian model. She became famous nationally after participating in the third edition of the reality show Big Brother Brazil and established her career in the TV show Panic where her unique and extroverted personality won her a large following. Sabrina is now host of her own TV Show on Record network, the Sabrina Show. She has also mixed her passion for fitness with business and is a partner in a new boutique Fitness Gym focused on functional training called Fit2You. Sabrina also devotes her spare time to supporting social projects and environmental causes focused on animal protection.
Sabrina Sato
The most important thing is to be happy and be by the side of people that we love

My Inspiration: Sabrina Sato

"The perfect day for me is to record my TV Show and to be able to come back home to have dinner with my family and my boyfriend. I am a dreamer and a romantic woman, who loves to have family and friends around. I also need to practice physical activities to feel good about myself and to spend and gain new energy.

I really like sports and since I was a child I have always practiced physical activities. I was into karate, Olympic gymnastics, ballet, jazz and also dance major in college. These days my schedule is very tight and I can’t work out as much as I would like to. But when I have the time, I do Muay Thai and Functional Training. When I can’t do that, I like to run nearby my place and I go up the stairs until the 16th floor.

Throughout my life I tried to assemble a system in which every minute of my life is precious. I share these minutes between doing physical activities, eating well, sleeping, working, reading and writing, lecturing, planning, love and accomplishing goals.

The perfect day for me is the day in which every goal is fulfilled. At the moment, my goals are: to give lectures, to teach management IT training, to raise the sales at ERPFlex, Espaço Be, SPAventura and TI Educational.  Besides making my wife and kids happy".



1. To Run – Wherever I am, in parks or nearby my place.

2. Muay Thai and Functional Training – I really like to train at Fit2You and Muay Thai and Functional Training are two training sessions I cannot miss.

3. Radical Activities – I have tried parachuting, bungee jumping in South Africa and swamp with sharks. I love the adrenaline of these adventures. For those who are into these types of things, it’s really fun.

Sem Dor Não Há Ganhos




I love Japanese food. As I live in São Paulo, I suggest the following options:

1. Tokio Rose – Asian restaurant, in the Itaim neighborhood.

2. Gendai – It is a good option for Japanese fast food, delicious and quick. I always have lunch or dinner there, before I go to the airport. I also use their delivery service for my meetings or weekends at home.




The places in Brazil I believe everyone should know are:

1. Sao Paulo - I love São Paulo and I think this is a city where everyone can meet everything and anything at anytime, so I strongly suggest it for those who doesn’t live or never came to the city.

2. Rio de Janeiro - I love Rio de Janeiro, for its natural beauty.

Rio de Janeiro

Kenoa Resort 



1. Hotel Bulgari – Located in London. Well placed, impeccable service and wonderful structure.

2. Kenoa Resort – Located in the Northeast of Brazil. Beach, hotel, food and service just wonderful!




I actively participate in the communities of the samba schools that I’m a member of (Gaviões da Fiel and Vila Isabel). I also support social projects and environmental causes for animal protection.  Some of the causes I support are:

1. Projeto Velho Amigo – An organization whose mission is to contribute to the culture of inclusion of the elderly, ensuring their rights and enhancing their participation in society.

2. GRAAC – A NGO that supports adolescents and children with cancer and seeks to offer them access to the best scientific treatment and care to beat the disease.

3. Brazil Foundation – It’s a NGO that supports Brazilian civil initiatives with creative and different solutions for the challenges faced by the less fortunate communities from around the country.

I also support causes such as Ampara Animal, Adote Project, Teto Invisigram, Inclusão Já, AMFAR, Charity Day, Pense Rosa and Cancer Hospital of Barretos.

Projeto Velho Amigo