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Karoline Mayer

World Record Diver

Karol “Fish” Meyer is one of Brazil’s most successful sportswoman having held eight world records in the sport of free diving. She is the first Brazilian to hold world records in the sport of free diving and holds more world records than any other Brazilian as well as being a Guinness Book of World Records record holder. Besides being an athlete, Karol is a diving instructor, motivational speaker and a supporter of ocean conservation.
Karoline Mayer
Without blue we wouldn’t have green. Our survival necessarily depends on the protection of our oceans and its creatures

My Inspiration: Karoline Mayer

"I have a laid back, free way of living. I love getting to know new places and cultures, but especially diving and experiencing different under the sea moments. Living life means living in peace, enjoying each moment, each place.

A perfect day for me is to wake up, meditate, have a delicious breakfast and go diving for an entire day. Then end the day with a beautiful view of the blue ocean and an amazing dinner with red wine and conversations of how the diving was.

I do different forms of training, depending on the time of the year.  I am either in the gym, pool or directly in the ocean. I also watch out for what I eat and try to keep a balance between work and having fun".



1. Diving I love to practice free diving in Xavier’s Island and Arvoredo’s Reservation, in Florianopolis.

2. BodyboardingMy favorite locations to bodyboard are Mole’s beach in Florianopolis, and Silveira, in Garopaba.

3. Mountain Biking I enjoy Mountain Biking and also biking tours at night around Florianopolis Island.

Praia Mole - Florianópolis

Rancho Açoriano



1. Rancho Açoriano – Located in Florianopolis and Pitangueiras, it offers seafood and all sorts of delicious grilled fishes. It’s a great option and a great restaurant!




1. Recife – A must go destination for diving shipwrecks and having cultural and gastronomic experiences.

2. Fernando de Noronha – A great place for diving and taking land tours to breath taking beaches such as Sancho, Conceição, and Cacimba do Padre’s.

3. Florianópolis – Florianópolis Island offers diving in Arvoredo’s Reservation and Xavier’s Island as well as walking trails and tracks for biking around and gastronomic experiences around the Southern area of the island. I also recommend Costão do Santinho’s Resort.

Fernando de Noronha


Buddy Dive Bonaire 



1. Rio Quente Resorts – In Caldas Novas, diving at Rio Quente Resorts Hot Park. Usually I travel to practice and to dive but I take a few days off to get to know the place, the culture and culinary.

2. Buddy Dive Resort – In Bonaire, it’s the diving Island and provides easy diving paths around the coast.  It’s a must-go place.  I go there every year, for training, walks and courses.

3. Aquagrand Hotel – Greece, for me, it’s also one of the most beautiful places in the world, especially the Southern area, with its rocks and blue waters, olive trees, wines, and wonderful gastronomy and culture.



All in defense of marine animals, my focus. No blue would not have the green. Our survival hinges on protection of the oceans and their creatures. In particular in support:

1. Projeto Baleia Franca.

2. Projeto Tamar.

3. Sea Shepherd.

Projeto Tamar