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Inelia Garcia

Director Of The Pilates Studio® Brazil

Born in Chile and graduated in Physical Education in the University of Chile. She is postgraduated in Rhythmic Gymnastics Sport, Dancing in Physics, Gymnastics Maintenance and Physical Activity, Education and Health and Ageing. Arrived in Brazil in 1980, where she created the "Conscious Stretching" and "Ballness" (Swiss ball) Methods. In 1994, she began her training in the Authentic Pilates Method in New York, and in 1999, started the Instructor Certification Program of the Authentic Method in Brazil. Was named Teacher of Teachers of Pilates - World Level - New York 2003, and is the director of The Pilates Studio® Brazil.
Inelia Garcia
Living life is to know your mission in the world to have energy to live in peace

My Inspiration: Inelia Garcia


"My perfect day would be in complete peace in a place like my farm, where I can be alone and one hundred percent in contact with nature, far from any sign of city or people. 


In São Paulo I daily woke up about 4:15 to have some time with myself, feeling my body, do my stretching and my planning to start the day. Then my day goes as a flash, agitated and intense. So I have to be in total harmony with my body and my mind. At the end of the day I sit down to analyze what has been done". 


In São Paulo, diarimente, woke up about 4:15 to have time to myself, feeling my body, get my stretching and my planning to start the day. Then follows my day as a flash, hectic and intense. So I have to be in total harmony with my body and my mind. At the end of the day I sit down to analyze what has been done.



1. Feiras de Antiguidades - Enjoy the weekends to visit the antiques fairs located in Benedito Calixto Square, near Rua Henrique Schaumann, and also the Bixiga antiques fair in Praça Dom Orione
2. Practicing Pilates - Practice daily the authentic method of Pilates at The Pilates Studio to achieve wellness and balance between mind and body.

Pilates in The Pilates Studio

Mercearia do Conde



1. Mercearia do Conde - Restaurant with a menu that travels through various references, mixing ingredients from the simplest to the most unusual, with a decor full of art and life. The place is a great choice for those who like to eat something new everyday, the place always renew their cooking and rely on various types of food - located in Jardim Paulistano.



1. Retiro de Recuperação da Saúde - A place to relieve stress, get in touch with nature and spirituality, with detox treatments, daily walks, various massages for relaxation. A recuperative climate, away from the city, perfect for lounging on the weekend and forget the agitated week, located in Jarinu, near Atibaia.




1. GRAACC - The support group for teenagers and children with cancer is a nonprofit institution that seeks to provide the best scientific treatment to combat the disease.
2. Casas André Luiz - An institution of philanthropic nonprofit that offers free health care to people with intellectual disabilities in all degrees of commitment.

I am a person of the day. I like to live in a simple way, always in touch with nature. Among the things I like to do is travel, going to the beach, to the movies, everything that involves a more peaceful life.

I cannot stand not to practice sports too, in addition to Beach Tennis, I practice running, cycling, go to the gym and occasionally, I need a massage to relax.

I like to do new things, meet new people, so I never go to the same places, or sleep in the same hotels, I try meet someone and something new everywhere I go!

The activities that can't be missed

1. Stand Up Paddle - spend a whole day enjoying the Represa de Guarapiranga and practicing Stand Up Paddle and Stand Up Paddle Yoga to forget the stress of the city
2. Hospital of Alternative Medicine in Brazil - spend a day with the care of Ayurvedic medicine in Goiania
3. Practicing Yoga - meditate and practice different positions and breathing exercises daily 
4. Centro de Yoga Montanha Encantada - a perfect place for vacation, relaxation and treatment with Ayurvedic medicine in Garopaba
5. Bike - bike rides through the streets of São Paulo and enjoy the bike path on weekends


Stand Up Paddle Yoga   

   Mani Restaurant - São Paulo

My favorite places to eat


1. Goa - Egg lacto vegetarian restaurant with vegan options free of any animal, located in Pinheiros 
2. Moinho de Pedra - natural gourmet vegetarian, perfect for those looking for healthy food in everyday meals or purchases of organic products in the emporium inside the restaurant, located in Chacara Santo Antonio
3. Mani - refined cuisine restaurant tha looks like a beach house of a friend, very comfortable and located in Pinheiros
4. Le Manjue - gourmet organic cuisine restaurant with carefully chosen elements specially for a good dinner

The places you should definitely see


1. Jericoacoara - Perfect for those who like to practice SUP and enjoy the beaches to water activities 

2. Bonito - A good place to venture into the caves and grottoes, such as Blue Lake Cave
3. Chapada dos Veadeiros - Known as a spiritual stronghold with power transmission and several waterfalls to visit

Blue Lake Cave - Bonito       
The instituitions I support
1. Amigos da Rose - Centre for assistance to needy animals of a private initiative that aims to ensure better living conditions for dogs who are victims of neglect and mistreatment. The kennel now has over 150 dogs and performs work of care, medication, nutrition and donation of these animals.