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Ernesto Haberkorn

Co-founder of TOTVS

Ernesto is a successful IT entrepreneur who was Co-founder of TOTVS one of Brazil’s leading software companies. He is also the creator of Circuito Netas – an executive training company that undertakes its training activities in the interior of Sao Paulo. Ernesto is considered an example of entrepreneurship and leadership and through Circuito Netas, his objective is to wake people up to a more healthy routine and better quality of life. To help achieve this he has developed 10 guiding principles of life that, if practiced habitually daily, will certainly transform you day by day.
Ernesto Haberkorn
To live life, for me, means to be successful, healthy and happy. And to have problems, so I can solve them.

My Inspiration: Ernesto Haberkorn

"Throughout my life I tried to assemble a system in which every minute of my life is precious. I share these minutes between doing physical activities, eating well, sleeping, working, reading and writing, lecturing, planning, love and accomplishing goals.

The perfect day for me is the day in which every goal is fulfilled. At the moment, my goals are: to give lectures, to teach management IT training, to raise the sales at ERPFlex, Espaço Be, SPAventura and TI Educational. Besides making my wife and kids happy".




1. Gym - Every Day, no matter what, I hit the gym at 12pm. It’s religious

2. Swimming and Volleyball – I intersperse my days at the gym with sports.  I always go to sleep before 10pm and I don’t eat much, and only organic food.

3. Outdoor Activities – Walking and biking are the activities which I recommend for anyone.


Academia Fit You






1. Cantina Nellos – Typical and traditional Italian restaurant. The food and service are both really good.

2. Bier & Bier – Another good and traditional German restaurant and beer bar in São Paulo, at Sumaré Ave.

3. O Frances – Located in Perdizes (São Paulo), with a laid-back vibe from Parisian bistros, a mix between french and Brazilian cuisine in a really cozy and charming place.

4. Figueira Rubayat – Well known worldwide barbecue place.

5. Cantina de Napoli – Since 1926 in Brazil, another super traditional Italian restaurant.




1. Las Vegas – It has amazing hotels and a lot of things to do.

2. Cuba – Very interesting to get to know the socialist regime.

3. Índia – Really cool to get to know its people and its philosophy.

4. Queenstown (New Zealand) – Located in the South Island it has lots of natural diversity, it’s on the verge of a crystalline lake surrounded by mountains.

 Nova Zelândia


Kenoa Resort



1. Hotel Bulgari – Located in London. Well placed, impeccable service and wonderful structure.  

2. Kenoa Resort  – Located in the Northeast of Brazil. Beach, hotel, food and service just wonderful!




1. Instituto Oportunidade Social (IOS) – I support them because they educate underprivileged youth through education and use of technology.

Instituto Oportunidade Social