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Founder of the DeRose Method

Luiz Sergio Alvarez DeRose – known just as DeRose – is well known writer and world renowned teacher of Yoga. He was founder of the First University of Yoga of Brazil and President of the International Federation of Yoga. He is known more recenty for his systemisation of pre-classical ancient yoga into what is known as SwáSthya Yoga which is part of the “DeRose Method” a lifestyle coaching proposal DeRose also developed emphasizing quality of life. DeRose started teaching when he was 16 and now has trained more than five thousand teachers in Brazil, America and Europe. He has published more than 25 books, with over a million copies sold and has been awarded countless titles and honors from multiple institutions around the world.
It’s by effective action that we’ll reach what so many have dreamed but failed – because they only dreamed, and didn’t act

My Inspiration: DeRose

"I love to work and I love my job. As a writer, I spend all night long writing my books (more than 30 titles, until now) published in several countries in Europe and America. My way of living is powered at 220 volts, thanks to the high performance and stress management techniques of the DeRose Method in which I administer courses practically every weekend of the year, around the world.

A perfect day for me is to wake up alongside with my girlfriend Livia, be romantic with her; walk with my weimaraners Jaya and Frieda; sunbathe for a while; talk to all of our schools in the whole world through Facebook; have lunch with my ex-wife - whom I share a great relationship with - and with our team from the head office in São Paulo.

Then work on updating my principle book When You Need to Be Strong, which is already in the 43rd edition,  talk to people; council some couples who consult me as a result of my other book Method for a Good Affective Relationship; give online night classes to all our schools from many countries".




1. Metodo DeRose – My main activity to keep myself healthy. I practice all DeRose Method’s techniques and concepts and apparently it works because of the excellent shape I am in. I practice High Performance that covers a wide range of exercises, cultural activities, travel, proposals of fitness, good nutrition and etc.




Método DeRose   

Le Vin Bistrô



1. Restaurante e Bistrô Le Vin – Located in Alameda Tietê, in São Paulo. I love going there because you can take your dogs with you, and my weimaraners are like children to me. They go with me everywhere.

2. Escola do Pão - Located in Rio de Janeiro there is no better breakfast than Escola’s. I think it is the best in the world.

3.  The Corner  - In New York City, I love their seasoned tender young corn.

4. Boulangerie Paul – I love their souhabitué.  Located in Rue Saint André dês Arts, in Paris, in the same street where you can find one of our schools which facilitates me to eat close to the school.




My favorite places to travel are:

1.  Paris (France) - Where we have three DeRose Method schools.

2Buenos Aires(Argentina) - Here have more than ten schools.

3. In Brazil - Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, Florianopolis and Porto Alegre are my favorite destinations for travel.



Hotel Palacio Pestaña



The hotels I consider my homes away from Brazil are:

1. Hotel Palacio Pestana – Located in Lisboa, Portugal.

2. Sofitel – Located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

3. Raj Villas - Located in Índia.

In Paris, London, Rome and Barcelona I stay with colleagues.




1. Rotary Club - I’m a Rotarian, and as one I have the privilege to support countless philanthropic initiatives in several nations.

2. GRAACC - Our DeRose Method’s schools contribute to GRAACC, a support group and hospital for children with cancer, located in São Paulo.

I’m also a member at  ADESG, SASDE, GOSP, CONSEG; São Paulo Security Council, Brazilian International Peace Force Association from ONU, Pro Monarchy, Veterans Society of 32; City’s Friends Society, Historic Institute, Geographic and Genealogic of Sorocaba and many others cultural entities and beneficiates.