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Cristiana Arcangeli

Founder of Beauty'in

Cristiana Arcangeli is a serial Entrepreneur born in Sao Paulo who is widely recognized for the contribution she has made to the development of the beauty and wellbeing markets in Brazil through brands such as Phytoervas PH Arcangeli, Phytá Cosméticos, Éh Cosmetic and more recently Beauty’in a new category of products consisting of foods with cosmetic properties. Cristina has also been active in the fashion world where she created the Phytoervas Fashion event and in the media industry as a presenter on the radio program, an adviser on the TV show University Apprentice, and host of the reality show Extreme Social Makeover.
Cristiana Arcangeli
To live life with challenges, a lot of work and innovations that changes people’s life

My Inspiration: Cristiana Arcangeli


"I live intensely and work a lot, but I don’t forget about my shape and health care. I do daily exercises, I have a healthy diet with high levels of protein and fibers from vegetables and salads and I take various supplements – especially collagen.  I am monitored by an Orthomolecular and dermatologist and take care of my hormone replacement. But none of this works without a lot of discipline and joy of living.

 I also love to travel, as it is where I look for new ideas. 

For me, a perfect day is to be with my team who I love and my family".




1. Fitness, Boxing and Weight Training – I train daily at home.

2. Massage – I have a massage two times a week, to relax.

3. Skiing – I love this and it’s something I try to do, at least, two times a year in Aspen or Courchevel during Carnival and Portillo in Chile in July.

4. Dancing – I love dancing! It’s the best activity for the weekend!


Cris Arcangeli




1. Chiltern Firehouse – Located in London it’s a wonderful restaurant, located in one of the Marylebone fireman buildings. The menu is designed by Portuguese Chef, Nuno Mendes. It is definitely worth knowing!

2. Nagayama – Located in São Paulo. Besides the wonderful combinations, the place is contemporary and a great place for a casual chat with friends.

3. ABC Kitchen – Located in New York. It is a 2 star’s Michelin, with organic food that simply cannot be missed!




1. Miami - I love Miami. I travel there at least four times a year. It really has a wonderful vibe and energy.

2. London and Paris - Are also two of my favorite destinations.

3. Ibiza - My best discovery was when I travelled to Ibiza, for a vacation. It is just awesome!


Kenoa Resort



1. Hotel Bvlgari – Located in London. Well placed, impeccable service and wonderful structure.  

2. Kenoa Resort – Located in the Northeast of Brazil. Beach, hotel, food and service just wonderful!




I have always been concerned about making a social contribution and hosted a TV show Extreme Makeover Social, that built 10 crèches that helped put almost 2000 children back to school. I also always support:

1. AACD - The Association of Assistance to Children with Deficiencies.  It is a private entity that has worked for more than 60 years for the wellbeing of children that are physically disabled.  

2. GRAACSupport Group for Children and Adolescents with Canceris a NGO that seeks to offer children with cancer access to the best scientific treatment and care to give themall the chances of cure and best quality of life.