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Alessandra Roldan

Journalist And Blogger

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Alessandra decided almost ten years ago to change her life and follow a healthier and more balanced routine. Currently lives and is passionate about the city of São Paulo, which sees far beyond the "concrete jungle", and seeks to have a natural life, based on the DeRose Method, integrated with lessons of classical ballet and a free supply of any type of meat. Today, Ale is an adviser, maintains a column on the website MSN and commands a critical fashion blog.
Living life is to be exactly what you are, do everything you love, be happy and 'Ryca' (rych)

My Inspiration: Alessandra Roldan

"My perfect day would be to wake up at Hotel Emiliano in Sao Paulo and have the best breakfast there at the hotel. Then, go out to walk along Rua Oscar Freire and would enjoy a vegetarian lunch at restaurant Z Deli in Alameda Lorena. In the afternoon, I would walk in Avenida Paulista observing the beauties, stop at Casa das Rosas for a coffee and enjoy the nature of the place. To finish the day, I would spend the night dancing in one of the many places in Sao Paulo".

In São Paulo, diarimente, woke up about 4:15 to have time to myself, feeling my body, get my stretching and my planning to start the day. Then follows my day as a flash, hectic and intense. So I have to be in total harmony with my body and my mind. At the end of the day I sit down to analyze what has been done.


1. Classical Ballet and DeRose Method - Classical ballet classes and DeRose Method to relax, strengthen the body and work the mind
2. Climbing in Resende - Practice climbing, 150 km from the capital of Rio de Janeiro, in Resende wall
3. Ibirapuera Park - Enjoy the weekend to run in the park, cycling or just appreciate the nature around
4. House of the Roses - Stop for a coffee in the afternoon appreciate the roses and green spot in the middle of the Avenida Paulista


Classic Ballet Class   

Moema Natural Restaurant


1. Moema Natural - Restaurant with vegetarian food and selected organic food perfect and pleasant for a healthy lunch.
2. Zucco - Italian restaurant with a modern atmosphere with a menu full of meat-free options.
3. Oscar Café - Bistro, located at Oscar Freire, with the best orange cake in the world.
4. Z Deli - Jewish cuisine with lots of fresh salads at Alameda Lorena, just like the New York restaurants.


1. Busca-vida Beach - Small private beach to enjoy the warm and calm days to relax, located in the north of Bahia in Salvador.
2. Toulouse - A perfect French village to walk and know the mysteries and beauties of the city.


Projeto Papo Cabeça


1. Projeto Papo Cabeça - The Project was created with the purpose of providing a support service, whether financial, emotional or support for people who have any kind of disease, particularly cancer, or disability in the area of ​​head and neck.