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Alana Rox

Singer and Vegetarian Blogger

Singer and vegetarian blogger from birth – and vegan by choice – Alana’s passion is to study nutrition and create functional vegetarian food recipes to share with others. Through her blog, ‘The Veggie Voice’, and her functional vegan cooking workshops she likes to share how to enjoy a vegan diet, in a delicious, versatile and simple way. Being a vegan to Alana means to respect others, animals, the Planet and especially herself.
Alana Rox
I like to demystify cuisine. There’s no difficulty, there is only lack of will

My Inspiration: Alana Rox

"I was born a vegetarian and I love to connect with the nature. Until I turned 18, I was embarrassed to tell people that I was a vegetarian.  With a lot of study I got rid of the “silent killers”: lactose, gluten, processed foods, sugars. By closing a few windows, I was able to open the doors to a world of food that is wonderful.  I care a lot about my well-being, feeding and nourishing my body and my soul as well.  I live my life with lightness yet intensely: I’m a Scorpio woman and in love with everything I do.  I like to discover places, seek what is new, and reassess what is known.  For me, living is to respect the time that I was given and make it worthwhile".




1. Pilates & Functional Training – I train in the gym with a personal trainer or a pilates instructor.

2. Transcendental Meditation – Effortless meditation technique, it’s natural and very effective. 

3. Practice Mahamudra – Exercises that combine boxing, running, yoga, and functional training. There are groups that practice Mahamudra at Ibirapuera Park, in São Paulo.

4. Biking – I enjoy biking through the streets of São Paulo and the closed bike lanes on weekends.



 Equipe Mahamudra Brasil

 Le Manjue SP



1. Mar Massas – It has only a few tables, a beautiful view and delicious food. Located in Florianópolis.

2. Thai – Awesome Thai food. Located in Curitiba.

3. Le Jazz – It has a very special vibe and menu. Located in the South Zone of São Paulo.

4. Le Manjue – Located in São Paulo.It has great-tasting vegan options (gluten and lactose free). At night the atmosphere is great!

5. Supernatural – I like this restaurant a lot. Located in São Paulo, it has a delicious vegan buffet at a fair price.

6. Maoz – It’s a vegan fast food, cheap and tasty. Located in São Paulo.




I’ve travelled quite a lot, everywhere. I like the beach and the mountain. I appreciate the old and the new. I like unexpected plans and to let a trip happen. I also like places people maybe have never heard of before.

1. Fernando de Noronha – For diving or just to disconnect from the world.

2. Queenstown (New Zealand) – For extreme sports.

3. Paris (France) - I love Paris! I try to go there at least once every 2 years.

4. Marques de Souza - In the countryside of Rio Grande do Sul and the river where I spent my childhood swimming and eating fresh fruits from the tree.

Fernando de Noronha

                                                                             Fazenda Catuçaba



1. Fazenda Catuçaba - I really liked the farm which is near to São Luiz do Paraitinga. A unique experience for those who want to rest, to ride horses, to watch an incredible sunset, and to drink wine at the lakeside.  It offers very special customer service.  You can expect a lovely surprise every day, like having your dinner table set among the trees or at the pool deck.  It provides fresh food straight from the garden, fresh breads and cheeses made on the spot.