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Why You Will Love This
  • You'll go cascading on a 45 m descent either on Almécegas I Waterfall or Água Fria Waterfall
  • You will enjoy the Flight of the Hawk Zip-Line, one of the most beautiful in Brazil, a 850-metre-long sliding course
About Your Experience

A success in Chapada dos Veadeiros, the Adventure Circuit consists of three low difficulty activities which don’t require any specific skills or fitness. The circuit is located in the Chapada Portal and São Bento Guesthouse, 9km from Alto Paraíso.
The activities that make up the circuit Adventure are:
  • Abseiling either on Almécegas I Waterfall or on Água Fria Waterfall - This is a 45 metre fall and you’ll cascade down its last 20 m with your feet off the cliff. Specialised instructors will accompany you.
  • Flight of the Hawk Zip-line – 850 m flight 100 m above ground, 55 km/h. The challenge consists of two parallel steel cables, stretched between the Almécegas Mountain Range and the lookout of the São Bento Farm. The Zipline was named "Flying Hawk" after the caracaras (known in Portuguese as “gaviões carcará” or “carcará hawks”, hence the name) that abound in the area. This is one of the largest and most beautiful in Brazil
You can do all three activities on the same day. They are conducted safely and professionally, with the support of a highly qualified staff.
Safe and comfortable, this circuit is fit for the whole family.
About Your Guides

This experience is offered by a company engaged in the cause of sustainable development in Alto Paraíso. It was a pioneer in the practice of sports such as canyoning, , cascading and trekking in the region. Its guides are people who have moved to the area in search of better life conditions and close contact with nature.
The company is certified by Abeta and Adventure Travel Trade Association and holds the Security Management System seal by Inmetro.
The Circuit is certified by INMETRO and ABNT. Experienced guides are employed, using techniques, procedures and equipment internationally recognised. The company has passed the Safe Adventure Project, a partnership by Sebrae, ABETA and the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism. That is the largest incentive and evaluation programme for adventure tourism and ecotourism in Brazil.
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Adventure Circuit in Chapada dos Veadeiros

Chapada dos Veadeiros

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Code : NPOD1066
Location : Chapada dos Veadeiros, Brazil
A combination of three fun activities you can perform in the stunning scenery of Chapada dos Veadeiros. Amidst these beauties you will interact with the environment by practicing different sorts of adventure activities. The circuit cascading and zip-lining.
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