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Why You Will Love This
  • You will cross the fantastic dunes of Cumbuco
  • You will get to know the Lagoinha Beach, with its freshwater ponds and beautiful coral reefs
  • You will enjoy the afternoon in the charming Mundaú Beach, paradise covered with dunes and ponds
About Your Experience
You'll leave Fortaleza around 8 a.m., depending on the tide. You’ll tour the beautiful dunes of Cumbuco towards the Cauipé Lagoon. Then you will visit the beaches of Pecém and Paracuru Taiba, where you’ll leave through a dirt road for the city of Paraipaba then arriving at Lagoinha Beach, one of the most beautiful sceneries in the Brazilian coastline. It is covered with fresh water ponds and natural pools amid coral reefs.
The next destinations are the beaches of Guajiru, Flecheiras, Embuaca and finally the beautiful beach of Mundaú, where you will enjoy a delicious lunch at one of the typical restaurants of the village.
The rest of the day is your to enjoy the way you please. You’ll be surrounded by the beauties of this typical beach full of coral reefs, mangroves, temporary lagoons and dunes.
You’ll return on a tarmac road and the arrival in Fortaleza is scheduled for 8 a.m., but may vary depending on the completion of programming.
About Your Guides
The experience is offered by a company specialising in showing tourists the beauty of the Brazilian northeast. Their tours take you beyond the natural attractions, getting you in contact with the history and culture of the places you visit. This company has been operating since 2003, uses Land Rover jeeps to transport you along those amazing settings and is certified by Abeta.
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1 Day Tour From Fortaleza to Mundau


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Code : NPOD1093
Location : Fortaleza, Brazil
Duration : 1 Day
The Mundaú Beach is located 160 km from Fortaleza, on the west coast of Ceará. It is considered one of the state’s hidden gems. This is the final destination of this off road tour, which runs through part of Fortaleza and beaches as Cumbuco, Taíba, Paracuru, Lagoinha, Flecheiras and others. It will be an unforgettable day.
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