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Why You Will Love This
  • You’ll go trekking on Geral do Paranã Mountain Range and enjoy the fantastic pristine view
  • You’ll swim in the waters of the amazing 150-metre-tall Sertão Zen Waterfall
  • You’ll visit the Catedral Waterfall and its two-level natural pool
  • You may go cascading on the breathtaking 130 metre Água Fria Waterfall
  • You’ll visit Flor de Ouro, a community of people who have chosen an alternative lifestyle, close to nature
  • You’ll swim in the Falls of Rio Preto, the region’s most well known postcard image
  • You’ll experience a delighting bath in Pedreiras, a quarry covered in lakes and natural pools featuring “natural hydro massage”
  • You may go down the Flight of the Hawk zip line, more than 1200 m above the land
About Your Experience
You’ll visit amazing waterfalls, rivers and lookouts. There are also a number of optional activities that’ll have you cascading, canyoning and zip lining in this incredible landscape. 
Your Itinerary
First Day – Sunday  Arrival – Alto Paraíso - Briefing
You’ll get picked up either at the Brasília International Airport or at a different place arranged with the company. Then you’ll get transferred to Alto Paraíso and make a stop to have lunch. After arriving at the Recanto da Paz Guesthouse, you’ll get a briefing about the tour route.
Second Day – Monday  Alto Paraíso-Moinho Trail
After breakfast, you’ll trek through 15 kilometre Alto Paraíso-Moinho trail. You’ll walk past the source of the São Bartolomeu River, the Cristal River and its waterfalls, 130 metre Água Fria Waterfall and the Moinho Lookout. Upon finishing your walk, you’ll go down the Moinho Dale, arriving on a farm belonging to Dona Leonia, a lovely lady who awaits trekkers with a delicious home-cooked meal. You’ll spend the night at a camp on the farm.
On this day there’s one optional activity. You may go cascading down the Água Fria Waterfall. You’ll go down the last section of the fall without using your feet.
Qualified instructors will follow you all along during this adventure.
Third Day – Tuesday  Moinho Dale – Flor de Ouro – Tico Waterfall – Solárion Park
After a special breakfast, you’ll go hiking on a 5 kilometre trail towards the Moinho Dale.
You’ll pay a visit to holistic ecological community Flor de Ouro and the Tico Waterfall. Your outing ends at Solárion Park, where you will get to know the Anjos and Arcanjos waterfalls. There you’ll have a snack before returning to Dona Leonina’s farm to have lunch by the end of the afternoon.
Fourth Day – Wednesday – Moinho-Macaco Trail
The third part of your experience will follow the Moinho-Macaco trail. You’ll climb the Geral do Paranã Mountain Range and contemplate a breathtaking view of the Moinho Dale, the Água Fria Waterfall and the whole trail you have journeyed through the day before. After a 13 kilometre walk, you’ll stop by the Sertão Zen Waterfall and have a snack close to that amazing 150 metre fall. You’ll also want to swim in those refreshing waters, so take your time and enjoy your contact with nature. The trekking proceeds to the dale of the Macaco River. You’ll have dinner and spend the night at a camp in the dale.
Fifth Day – Thursday  Macaco Waterfalls
You’ll start your day with a 5 kilometre hike to the waterfalls of the Macaco River. You’ll also pay a visit to the Escadaria and the Catedral Waterfall. The first one spans 30 m. The second has a huge two-level natural pool right by its 50 metre fall. You’ll return to the camp and have a meal by the end of the afternoon.
Having taken some rest, there is one optional activity. You may go canyoning through the Macaco River. You’ll start by abseiling down 30-metre-high Escadaria Waterfall. Then you’ll swim through the river, jump over 8 m and abseilng down the Catedral Waterfall.
Sixth Day – Friday  Macaco – Paredão Waterfall – Alto Paraíso
After breakfast you go hiking through 8km in the Macacos Dale, up until the Paredão Waterfall, which springs from the Geral Mountain Range, 80 m above the ground.
By the end of the afternoon, you’ll return to the camp to have lunch then be driven to Alto Paraíso and spend the night at the Recanto da Grande Paz Guesthouse.
Seventh Day – Saturday – Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park – Falls of Rio Preto – Pedreiras
After breakfast you’ll have a 30 kilometre hike through the Parque Veadeiros Road to the São Jorge Village to visit the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park. There you’ll walk 12 km to the falls of Rio Preto. The first waterfall is 120 m high and the view around it has become the most famous postcard image of Chapada dos Veadeiros. The second fall is 80 m high and features a large natural pool, where you’ll stop for a refreshing bath.
On your way back you’ll stop for another bath in Pedreiras, a large quarry covered in lakes, natural pools and its popular “natural hydro massage”.
You’ll have lunch in São Jorge and go back to Alto Paraíso.
Eighth Day – Sunday  Free Morning / Cascading / Zip Lining
You may choose to have a morning free of activities to spend the way you want. However, if you feel like another adventure, you may choose between these two activities:
  • Cascading baptism on Almécegas Waterfall – This is a 45 metre fall and you’ll cascade down its last 20 m with your feet off the cliff. Specialised instructors will accompany you.
  • Flight of the Hawk zip-line – You’ll slide on suspended steel cables hanging between 1265-metre-high Almécegas Mountain Range and the lookout of São Bento Farm, 1210 m above the ground. The course is inhabited by numerous southern crested caracaras (known as “gaviões carcará” or “caracara hawks”, in Brazil), whence the name.
About Your Guides
This experience is offered by a company engaged in the cause of sustainable development in Alto Paraíso. It was a pioneer in the practice of sports such as canyoning, canopying, cascading and trekking in the region. Its guides are people who have moved to the area in search of better life conditions and close contact with nature.
The company is certified by Abeta and Adventure Travel Trade Association and holds the Security Management System seal by Inmetro.
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8 Day Trek through Eastern Chapada dos Veadeiros

Chapada dos Veadeiros

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Code : NPOD1053
Location : Chapada dos Veadeiros, Brazil
Duration : 8 Days And 7 Nights

Come to Chapada dos Veadeiros, a wild region in the Brazilian state of Goiás listed as a Unesco World Heritage Site. You’ll visit amazing waterfalls, rivers and lookouts. There are also a number of optional activities that’ll have you cascading, canyoning and zip lining in this incredible landscape.
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