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Why You Will Love This
  • You will visit the São Miguel River and its beautiful natural pools and whirlpools
  • You’ll also see the famous exotic rock-formations, sculpted by river water over time
  • You will run the trail circuit of the Espaço Infinito Farm, bordering the Raizama Canyon and enjoying the beautiful view around
  • You will go hiking in the National Park of Chapada dos Veadeiros and get to know Canyon II with large quartzite stone walls and several pools
  • You will visit the Falls of Rio Preto, most famous postcard from Chapada
About Your Experience
You will Walk through the most beautiful landscapes in Chapada dos Veadeiros, swimming in natural pools, visiting the unique canyons and rock formations carved over time by water river and more.
Your Itinerary

First Day - Sunday - Arrival
The staff will greet you at the Brasília airport and you’ll get transferred to Alto Paraíso, where you will have lunch (230 km). You will spend the night at the chosen guesthouse, in the Village of São Jorge.
Second Day - Monday - Morada do Sol, Vale da Lua & Raizama
After breakfast, you will visit Morada do Sol, with its beautiful pools and natural “Jacuzzi” system in the São Miguel River. The next destination will be the Espaço Infinito Farm, where the owner has set up a model trail through the edge of the Raizama Canyon.

The trail circuit of the farm borders a small stream that springs from the canyon at a 40 m height. Continuing the route you will follow on, bordering the canyon and enjoy the beautiful views of the entire complex.

You'll also visit another attraction of the São Miguel River, the Lua Dale, near the National Park, where you can walk 600 m to the bed of the São Miguel River.
There you can see the gorgeous exotic rocky formations sculpted by water over thousands of years. You’ll have lunch in the late afternoon in São Jorge.
There is also an optional night tour. You can visit the hot pools 15 km from São Jorge.
Third Day - Tuesday - Cariocas & Canyon II - National Park 
The day begins with breakfast and, soon after, you’ll get to know the National Park of Chapada dos Veadeiros.
You will hike through 10 km along the access trails to the canyons and visit Canyon II with its large quartzite stone walls and several pools. There you will make a pause for lunch.

Then you will walk 3 km to the Cariocas Waterfall, where the Falls of Rio Preto spreads among the rocks from a 30 m height.

In the late afternoon, you will return to São Jorge for lunch.
Day Four - Wednesday - National Park - Falls of Rio Preto
After breakfast, you hike through a 12 km trail to the Falls of Rio Preto. The first fall to be visited is 120 m high and offers an unforgettable view. This is the most famous of Chapada’s postcard images. Then you will visit the 80 m fall, which includes a large pool, perfect for swimming. On the sway back from the walk, you’ll enjoy one more swim in the natural “Jacuzzi” of Pedreiras.

Again you will have lunch São Jorge, in the late afternoon.
Fifth Day - Thursday - Almécegas (Optional) / Brasília
You'll leave São Jorge after breakfast for to Alto Paraíso.

On the way you will stop at São Bento where he will visit the Almécegas 1 Waterfall, 45 m high. Soon after, it will be time to visit Almécegas 2, which has a large swimming pool where you can stop and take a refreshing bath.

You will go to Alto Paraíso for a bath and lunch before returning to Brasilia.

For those who fell like one more adventure, there will also be two extra activities:
  • Cascading baptism on Almécegas Waterfall – This is a 45 metre fall and you’ll cascade down its last 20 m with your feet off the cliff. Specialised instructors will accompany you.
  • Flight of the Hawk zip-line – You’ll slide on suspended steel cables hanging between 1265-metre-high Almécegas Mountain Range and the lookout of São Bento Farm, 1210 m above the ground. The course is inhabited by numerous southern crested caracaras (known as “gaviões carcará” or “caracara hawks”, in Brazil), whence the name.
About Your Guides
This experience is offered by a company engaged in the cause of sustainable development in Alto Paraíso . This agency has pioneered the practice of sports like canyoning , canopy tours , rappelling and trekking in the region . The guides are people who moved to the area in search of better living conditions and contact with nature.
The company is certified by Abeta and the Adventure Travel Trade Association and has the seal of the Safety Management System INMETRO .
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5 Day Hiking Tour In Chapada dos Veadeiros

Chapada dos Veadeiros

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Code : NPOD1067
Location : Chapada dos Veadeiros, Brazil
Duration : 5 Days and 4 Nights

Come and hike through the most beautiful landscapes of Chapada dos Veadeiros. You will swim in natural pools equipped with their own "Jacuzzi" system, visit beautiful canyons and rock formations carved over time by river water, and also visit the Falls of Rio Preto, which have become the most recognisable image from Chapada.
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