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Why You Will Love This
  • You'll get to know beautiful waterfalls such as Poço do Diabo, with its reddish waters
  • You'll explore the amazing caves of Iraquara, covered with beautiful formations sculpted by time
  • You will wonder at the incredible Capão Dale and the mountain ranges that flank it
  • You will be led by experienced guides who work for a member company of ABETA
About Your Experience
In this trip you will explore the beautiful waterfalls such as Poço do Diabo, caves of Iraquara, rivers and mountain ranges will make it unforgettable.
Your Itinerary
First Day - Lençóis River, Serrano River - Hall of Colourful Sands - Primavera Waterfall - Cachoeirinha
Upon arriving in Lençóis, you will have a walk, visiting the Lençóis River and the natural cauldrons of Serrano River, the place known as Hall of Colourful Sands, covered with sands of various colours, the Primavera (Spring) Waterfall, the Cachoeirinha (Little Waterfall) and the city’s viewpoint.
Second Day - Mucugezinho River - Poço do Diabo Waterfall - Iraquara Caves - Lapa Doce Cave - Pai inácio Hill
At 8h, you will leave your accommodation to visit the Mucugezinho River and bathe in the waterfall of Poço do Diabo (Devil’s Well). Soon after, you will get to know the limestone caves of the Iraquara region. These subterranean formations are covered with stalactites, columns and estagmites. A local guide will lead you on a walk through the cave of Lapa Doce. Upon finishing the tour, you’ll stop for lunch at the Lapa Doce restaurant. Returning from lunch, the tour continues towards the Pai Inácio hill, providing you with one of the most famous views in the region.
Third Day - Capão Dale - Fumaça Waterfall - Riachinho
You will be rewarded with a visit to two beautiful waterfalls. You will go to Capão Dale, where you can find the Fumaça (Smoke) Waterfall, then walk to the top of the fall. There, you'll have a snack and watch the beautiful scenery around you, including the mountains flanking the valley. The second stop will be the Riachinho (Stream) Waterfall, where you will take a refreshing bath before returning to the city of Lençóis.
Fourth Day
Return to Salvador.
You may choose one of the following accommodation options:
Villa Serrano’s rooms all feature a minibar, a private bathroom, air-conditioning, a ceiling fan, a balcony with a hammock and free wireless internet connection.
Another option is Canto do Bosque. Not far from the city centre, it has a nice pool with wheelchair access, wifi and a lovely forest where their own staff cultivates flowers and fruit trees.
Hotel de Lençóis spans four acres in a heavily wooded area. It features a bar, a coffee shop, a swimming pool, a massage room, a sauna, a reading room, a games room, meeting rooms, a children's playground, gardens and a beautiful woodland.
Canto das Águas Hotel features a leasure area with massage rooms, reading rooms, beds for outdoor reading, a gym, a games room, a sauna and a convention hall. All is located amidst a natural environment.
About Your Guides
This company specialises in ecotourism and has been operating since 2005. It works as a partner with the local comunity, offering activities that have travellers explore Chapada Diamantina’s most beautiful views as well as getting to know its rich history and interacting with local people. They promote income distribution, sustainable development and boost the local economy. Guides are bilingual (Portuguese an English), experienced and specialised.

It is the only company that remains certified by ABNT/Inmetro in the adventure tourism segment. It is also a member of ABETA.
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4 Day Hiking Tour In Chapada Diamantina

Chapada Diamantina

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Code : NPOD1034
Location : Chapada Diamantina, Brazil
Duration : 4 days and 3 nights

Come and explore the breathtaking scenery of Lençóis, in Chapada Diamantina. Beautiful waterfalls, caves, rivers and mountain ranges will make this trip unforgettable.
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